Alex McCord

Alex talks about Bethenny's engagement announcement, Jill and B's confrontation, and her book signing tour!

on Apr 22, 2010


At about seven o’clock this morning, Simon and I were treated to two flying leaps into bed from the chums who wanted to snuggle, and our two cats barely noticed aside from Madge burrowing under Johan’s arm. This is one of the many reasons we don’t have any small dogs ... another reason being the first scene of tonight’s episode.

Writing this at 35,000 feet and I’m feeling badly about flying on Earth Day, but unfortunately we can’t bicycle down to Miami – Simon and I have four book signings in Miami/Boca/Lauderdale/Tampa from Thursday to Sunday and you can get all the details here at our family website. I also want to take a minute to say THANK YOU so much to all of you who have purchased our book and also to those who have given us feedback on our Facebook page, Amazon, B&N and Borders. It means so very, very much to us, and we’ve also loved it when people at signings introduce themselves with their screenname!

Would you believe that this is the chums’ first trip to Florida? Yes, we’ve been around the world with them but never the sunshine state for some reason, though that will be rectified in about 90 minutes. Only problem is there’s no time for Disney on this trip, but thankfully they haven’t made the connection that Florida is where Mickey lives ... if you see us, SHHH, don’t tell them!

I was thrilled for Bethenny when she told me about her engagement – we had all hoped Jason was “the one” but until it’s official you never know. Of course one of the first things I asked after jumping up and down and screaming was whether they’d set a date yet, which was probably not the smartest first question but very typical Alex, charging ahead to the main event. We ate quiche, salad and had had fun talking about bridezillas and things that were NOT going to be part of the wedding like enormous poofy trains, big hats, carriages in Central Park or a choir (and FYI none of those were – it was beautiful!) We decided that we’d go to the Gotham magazine party together with the guys, where she planned to tell the other ladies.