Alex McCord

Alex talks stylist secrets, runway modeling lessons, and off-season plans.

on Jun 29, 2010


The gym scene in St. John cracked me up – clearly two modes of working out there – the "let’s talk 101 mph to make the time go faster," and "I am in zen concentration plank mode; leave me alone or I’ll throw a dumbbell at you!" I knew there was a reason I like to work out by myself, tee hee.

Ramona’s birthday party was a really special time – although you didn’t see all of it, she really opened up about the year she’d had and why that caused her to support particular charities. We all brought contributions in lieu of gifts, although Sonja managed to sneak in a cute bikini for St. John (48 hours after the lunch.) I didn’t have a problem with Ramona enforcing the seating chart – sometimes placecards are fluid and it’s cool to move them around, and sometimes it’s not. Ramona had specifically organized us so that we knew one person next to us and not the other, so we all got to know each other. I appreciated that.

Back onto the reunion couch, we all got to speak about our next projects and I was so happy to give shoutouts to the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association; both great organizations. In addition, it was really exciting to talk about our book going into its second printing and being available on Kindle. Look for more fun-sanity to come out of the McCord-van Kempen world over the summer, and we’re really happy to be doing a co-signing next week with our book and the new Real Housewives Get Personal coffee table book – Simon and I will be there with some of our friends from New Jersey!

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