Alex McCord

A week full of suprises!

on Apr 9, 2008


Well what a show this one was! Remember this show as described by Bravo is a "docu-drama", and this week's episode is proof positive of that.

The first instance of this was the dinner party at Jill's. Bethenny's call to me was not the first we'd heard of this dinner party, but it was the first I'd heard of it becoming a girls' night. We chatted about Pamella Roland and other things, and during the conversation I jokingly asked if I could bring Simon along, he'd wear a dress, etc. After the conversation I wasn't really clear what had happened - whether it was seriously a girls' night out or not. I mentioned it to Simon, we went over the phone call a couple of times and in the end decided that while it might be a weird situation, so much had been made out of it that he couldn't not go.