Alex McCord

Alex reflects on her confrontation with Jill.

on Apr 29, 2010

I was angry. I was angry at Jill myself anyway, and I was livid when I heard Bethenny, at one of the most vulnerable points in her life thus far, was upset by Jill as well. I wanted to do something that would stop Jill in her tracks and get her to listen for once, and maybe, just maybe realize that life isn’t all about her.

Over this season alone, LuAnn has acted as Jill’s messenger to Bethenny, and also tried to get Ramona to speak to Mario on her behalf, so there’s plenty of message delivery flying around. Should I have agreed to “deliver Bethenny’s message” and done it the way I did? Eh, perhaps, perhaps not. Certainly I would have liked for it to have gone more smoothly. I didn’t expect that Bethenny was sending Ramona a delivery, the bottle of wine, to the same party – prior to that I had planned to pull Jill aside and tell her privately. Once that happened, I knew that if I didn’t spit it out, the words weren’t coming out and I really wanted Jill to hear me – she never listens, or only listens for a nano-second, long enough to form her own opinion and shoot back at you or smother you with apologies. She didn’t even want to listen to me then, and there I was breaking out in hives…so I blurted it out.

Most of the time when people annoy me, I cut them out of my life or just ignore them. I don’t feel this overwhelming need to be understood or liked by everyone; if people don’t get me, it’s their loss. When you keep seeing someone over and over again, whether because of the show or the circle of friends, etc., you get to a point where you have to speak up because otherwise people make assumptions about you. Some people assume that because I rarely cause confrontation, that I lack the cojones to do so. Wrong. I have a long fuse and don’t really care what people say ... to a point. My fuse started to blow when Bethenny and I were on the phone, and that was the beginning. There’s more where that came from ... stay tuned.