Alex McCord

Alex talks about her own modelling work, her emotional talk with Bethenny, and more.

on Apr 8, 2010

Models? Oh yes, there were some gorgeous ones. I have to say, although models do get judged on things they can’t control and yes, they do take out the garbage, I wasn’t buying Kelly’s “poor models” line. Listen, I don’t make as big a whoop-de-do about it as some of the other girls but I did two seasons in Milan. In fact, I could probably talk more about being judged than Kelly could because nine times out of ten, I’d be the model who would get optioned but ultimately not cast. Did I feel like saying “oh, poor me, I’m beautiful but my lips are too thin?” Hell no, I was 19 and had a great time living in Italy and traveling to France and Germany, being paid to stand around wearing gorgeous clothes for the jobs I did manage to book, and spending my paychecks on shoes and bags. I didn’t stress out about being alone or being judged. If I worried about that, I wouldn’t have modeled then and I wouldn’t be on a reality show now. The models at the Brooklyn Fashion Weekend casting that day didn’t seem too downtrodden either, they strutted their stuff, did what they had to do and a few of them got hired.

Not long after the casting, I invited Jill over to the house and wow, you can tell I was uncomfortable because my neck was breaking out in hives! Although I did own that I had been mad at Jill, I prevaricated a little about Brooklyn Fashion Weekend – I should have said, “I was mad at you so I didn’t involve you. Now we’re better so I’m inviting you to be a part of it.” Instead I developed a rash and yapped louder than Ginger about how it all happened sooooo fast. Anyway, we got into talking about Bethenny and I wanted to make it clear to Jill that things were dire, without betraying Bethenny’s confidence. Jill already knew Bethenny’s father was ill – which isn’t surprising because as he’s a well-known horse trainer his illness had made the papers, and yet she didn’t have any desire to reach out to her. I threw up my hands and let it go for the moment. By the way, Bravo, when you put together the lost footage, can you find that clip of Madge confronting Ginger? The 13-pound cat vs. chihuahua throwdown was pretty funny.

On to the last bit. Jill was not going to allow a face-to-face conversation, and although both she and LuAnn hated it, I don’t fault Ramona one bit for setting up that meeting as it was the only way to get the two of them together. Remember the scene in the Sex & the City movie where Miranda and her husband had to meet halfway across the bridge? Right, that would never have happened with this relationship. Bethenny would have walked all the way to the Hamptons without seeing Jill coming to meet her. We were all trying to get them back together in different ways. Sure, Jill felt ambushed because she didn’t have time to prepare. It’s funny to see this 6 months later – I actually met Bethenny right after she left Ramona’s and I remember her being like a guarded, wounded animal at the time. This was one of the first episodes where we saw raw emotion beyond the sniping, and there’s more to come.

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