Alex McCord

Alex talks about Kelly's Playboy shoot, her own controversial pics, and her run in with Jill and LuAnn.

on Mar 18, 2010


Ohhh, I watched this episode and got angry all over again. Where do I begin? The Ungaro party was the perfect example of a slow burn. I laughed through most of it but as I reflected on the evening, got really annoyed. By the time I told Simon about it on pizza night, I was fuming.

At Ungaro, Simon and I were out of breath as we’d made a mad dash up Madison Avenue to get there, including commandeering a friend’s car and driver. For those outside NY, it was Fashion’s Night Out, a one-day event where most clothing stores in Manhattan host events and stay open basically all night. Imagine Madison Avenue overrun like Bourbon Street at Mardi Gras, and that’s just the beginning. Celebrities, fashionistas, drag queens on roller skates, you name it. Simon and I were both on a natural high and wearing head-to-toe purple as we’d just come from The Purple Event, where I walked in a fashion show to raise money for epilepsy and Ramona came out in support of me and the foundation.

We walked into the party with my (our) GBFF Derek Warburton and while Jill ribbed him good-humouredly in person, she got pretty judgmental afterwards. What’s wrong with a stylist dressing to make a splash during fashion week? I was disappointed that Jill said she was afraid of him – he’s not scary and in fact does quite a lot of charity work including an event next week for Housing Works. I’ve seen many people, including Jill’s former gay husband Brad, in much crazier getups. Wonder whatever happened to him?