Ask Gloria

Jill Zarin's mother, Gloria, responds to reader comments and questions.

Mar 15, 2010


Please share with us your thoughts about Jill and Bethenny's friendship. What advice did you give to Jill? I think it is a very sad situation.

Dear Melania,
Thank you for caring. My daughter is old and wise enough to know what and how to act, Her feelings for Bethany are personal and I am sure she will always do the right thing.

Dear Gloria,
I have recently been in a three-year relationship, but my ex broke up with me four months ago and now wants to try again. I can't seem to get over the fear that he will change his ways (such as; compromising) he has stated before that he would not compromise on where we would live and other things but now states that he might be able to compromise. My question to you is do you think people change?

Dear Leaha,
Thank you for writing. My question is why is he changing his mind? He was so uncompromising, I am unsure how fully commited he will be in the future. If you still love him try again on your terms.

Hi Gloria!
In the past two years, I got divorced and remarried. I have two small children with my ex, and we work well together to give the children the best of both worlds. It is a "modern arrangement." We have both moved on and are very happy. The only drama that evolved out of the situation is from some of my family. They hate that we are divorced. They hate that we have moved on and they love to try to and stir up rumors. I guess I was prepared for people to talk, but the cold shoulder I have received from my own family has been hurtful. Do I keep my mouth shut and just be happy? Be the bigger person? Say something? Keep my distance? Help!!!

Hi, Thanks for asking for my advice. I feel very strongly that you should talk to your family and make it very clear that you are happy and the children are better off than they would have been in an unhappy marriage. They should be happy for you and welcome your new husband into the family. If they cannot do this, then you must start to sever you ties slowly but surely. They will poison your children against your new husband you fighting will ensue. Talk to you family and try the peaceful approach first.
Good luck,