Ask Gloria

Jill Zarin's mother, Gloria, answers your questions.

Jul 21, 2009

I recently lost  80 lbs & have about 40 to go to my dancer/college body. I'm told I'm an  attractive woman & while I don't think I'll be gracing the cover of Maxim,  I would have to agree that I'm cute. I'm also what they used to call  "voluptuous". I love my career & pay all my own bills. All that being  said, I am 31 & haven't had a date in almost 6 years What am I doing  wrong? I've tried churches, bars, dating websites. The only things I've  gotten are requests for one night stands. How come I'm attractive enough to  sleep with once, but not to date? Did I mention I cook/cater as a hobby  & work in Child Welfare? She cooks, she likes kids, and she has big  boobs... What's wrong with me?

Confused in Chicago

Hi, Since I haven't met you, I cannot tell you what the problem is, but I can say that everyone is attractive to someone.  Do not give up!