Ask Gloria
Jul 28, 2009

We at were just as taken with Jill Zarin's mother, Gloria, on The Real Housewives of New York City as you were. We asked you to submit your questions, and you did! See how Gloria responded:

Just love you and the show!
I have two grandchildren. My  daughter and there father have been divorced since the children were two and  four. My daughters husband has adopted the children. He is so strict on them.  His sixteen year old daughter is here for a month, and he bends the rules for  her and not as strict, and babies her. It makes me furious! It just does not  seem fair to me. Any advice? My grandchildren are six and eight.
All the  best!


Susan,  I know you must be feeling frustrated at the unfair situation, but the reality is you do not have the power to do anything about it. Your daughter is the only one that must manage the situation. She is feeling grateful that he is helping to take care of  her children, and is careful not to make him  angry and upset. If you see the children often, you can provide lots of love and attention that they need. You can discuss the matter r daughter but be very tactful when you do.  Good luck.