Ask Gloria
Jul 28, 2009

I  just recently moved to NYC from Florida and I know no one up here short of the  people I work with. (They are all Married men.) Outside of the people I work  with I have pretty much only met men who I am not the least bit interested in  dating. I have not always been the social butterfly and I would love to go out  and enjoy the "night life" of the city but I am afraid to do it alone. I tend  to attract weirdo's and I would just feel more comfortable having a gal pal or  two. Whats a single 26 y/o to do?


Hi, Alexis. New York can be a very lonely place.  However, because it houses so many people, there are places that you can go to meet.  Take up a sport like golf, and go to the park and take some lessons.  Try bowling, or bridge or go to church or to your house of worship and speak to the priest, rabbi, etc. who might introduce you to some members. Try to rent a house with some other singles in the Hamptons. Go to a real estate agent and explain your circumstances.  She may be able to hook you up with some other gals in your situation.  Try the internet.  I know it is not the ideal, but you never know.  I do know that you cannot become disheartened.  You will find some friends.  Good luck.