Ask the Countess

The Countess answers your questions about titles and wedding attire.

Apr 7, 2009

Hello Countess LuAnn,
My husband and I were invited to a wedding at the Waldorf Astoria in New York in July. Since it will be the summer time, do you think it's ok to wear a short dress instead of a long dress?
Thank you,

Hi Deana,
That sounds wonderful. You can definitely wear a short dress. You will find most of the ladies will be wearing short. Cheers!
The Countess

We just had a wonderful weekend at our good friend's country estate outside of Manhattan. I'd like to send a framed photo taken during our stay as a thank you. I'm waiting for the developed photos to arrive now. How long do I have to send the gift and thank you card before I'm a little later?
Thanks! Andrew

Hi Andrew,
That is a very thoughtful gift, remember its the thought that counts. You could always drop a quick note to say Thank You beforehand. They will be thrilled when the gift arrives within weeks.