Bethenny Frankel Had an Epic Mykonos Vacation — Despite "Stressful" Travel Drama

The #RHONY jet setter shared the whole thing on social media — stunning sunsets and logistical hiccups!

Bethenny Frankel just wrapped up a vacation in Mykonos — and shared every glorious (and not so glorious) moment with us on pretty much all forms of social media.

“Greece is the word,” she wrote on Instagram when she arrived, sharing a pic of the island's iconic windmills.

Greece is the word

A photo posted by Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel) on

Spreading the social media love from her travels, she posted a video to her Twitter, showing a stunning Mykonos sunset. "Wait for it!" she said as she panned her phone around the scenery.

Bethenny spent more than a week enjoying the island vibes and definitely the nightlife. Her Snapchat included clips of people partying — including herself dancing with lots of cute guys.

It was clear she was enjoying herself — and who wouldn’t in this paradise?

How's this view? #mykonos

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As is typical for world travel adventures, there were some hiccups however: Bethenny seemed upset about her hotel room being double booked, but was patient about it too.

She later tweeted out thanking Starwood Hotels and her hotel, Santa Marina Mykonos on Ornos Bay, for being so nice when she wasn’t feeling well. And she clarified she wasn't being paid for the shout out!

The hotel has the only private beach on Mykonos, meant to help shield people from the public eye. It also has an infinity pool, obviously.

Her first purchase in Greece was a cute pair of brown leather shoes. (Greece is the best place to buy leather shoes, especially ones with pompoms added — and those she picked up later!) Continuing her shopping spree, she posted a photo of her favorite jewelry shop, Ozar Jewels, on famous Psarou Beach. 

She later posted a photo of a unique and gorgeous ring, so maybe that’s where she got it!

Ringing in the wk

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She also did quite a few Snapchat videos with her new girlfriends, who were selling sarongs and beach coverups on the beach. She captioned one, “That’s my crew. Buying them a drink."

... and another, “U betta werk."

Vacation Bethenny is sassy! Well, actually she’s always sassy... 

She enjoyed the island's seafood, eating sushi and caviar. She also drank plenty of booze. (We wonder if she brought some Skinnygirl along with her?) Mykonos is known as the party island of Greece

Now this is my kind of greek life

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Now we're talkin

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Before heading home, Bethenny took to Twitter to deal with some vacation issues again, tweeting:

When fans asked her if it was such an issue to either stay in Mykonos or fly commercial, she responded no to both, claiming she flies Jet Blue commercial all the time! 

Well-known workaholic Bethenny definitely seemed to enjoy her time away. She even got into the laid-back Greek vibe while getting a beach massage — much needed after the Luann drama!

It's all greek to me

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I'm a real beach

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