Bethenny Frankel NY

Bethenny weighs in on the chef vs. cook debate and gives her take on Kelly's meltdown.

on May 20, 2010


I have never mentioned kelly's family in the press and there is no evidence to that effect. Kelly had a legal issue going on with her ex boyfriend and certainly generated a great deal of press on her own. This compounded with the "I'm up here" scene didn't do her any favors. As I said, I don't believe that Kelly understands what is happening around her. She creates her own reality.

Sonja was the first person to say out loud that there is something wrong with Kelly. I suppose I knew that intellectually, but I didn't understand the severity. Once the light bulb went off, we all calmed it down. It wasn't funny and my one liners were no longer appropriate nor helpful. We had entered a different place.

I also need to point out that I called Jill that night to tell her that Kelly was in trouble. She didn't seem very concerned, and as you will see next week, she was more consumed by her own agenda than Kelly's health. That is a whole separate issue.

Jill came to St. John because she wanted a grand entrance and to ensure that she wasn't absent in three episodes. Her excuse that she came to see me was laughable. St. John is very difficult to get to and I literally lived a block away from her. Stopping by my building would have been infinitely easier. You all know the real story there.

I would discuss my new baby girl aka the chick pea, but I would rather do it in a different forum. The details of this episode are so psychotic that I don't even want her mixed in with that negative energy. Just know that I thank you for all of your positive emails, love and advice. I have truly incredible fans. I am so grateful for that and I've learned a lot about life, friendships and now motherhood from you.