Bethenny Frankel NY

Bethenny talks about the pregnancy news leak and Alex's message to Jill.

on Apr 29, 2010


It's the press' job to find out people's private information. I have no clue how Perez Hilton found out about my pregnancy. The announcement was way too premature and the pregnancy was way too sensitive a situation to be made public. I was really concerned about the health of the baby - particularly at my age.

Jason reacted to the news exactly as I expected. His main concern was s not being able to break this miraculous, special news to his close friends and family. I completely understood, and I love him for being that kind of a person.

Jill doesn't possess the ability to keep her mouth closed, which is completely evident in several moments of this episode. She was very interested in this news as gossip and attempted to package it as concern. This is one of the multitude of reasons that she is no longer in my life.

I wasn't surprised at all that my pregnancy became a gossip topic for LuAnn and Jill. What was comical was that Sonja, who I met for exactly three minutes and exchanged a few sentences with, had a lot to say about the topic with the girls. I don't know her from Adam. Very bizarre.