Bethenny Frankel NY

Relationship advice from all over.

on Apr 1, 2008


Your relationship problems put you in the center of this week's episode. From Alex to Simon to Jill to all of your other friends -- everyone had an opinion about what you should do. Did that help you?

I honestly believe that in situations like this people ask other people's opinions just to hear themselves speak, and they ultimately do what they know is right. Although everyone was trying to help, no one has my past, my personality, my situation and I have to trust my own instincts. I can't be more honest than by telling you the following: Jason and I had only been together 6 months, and as I have done in the past, I started looking for reasons to run, and I put a gun to Jason's head on camera. I literally blindsided him and he felt trapped. As it has turned out, I have been very happy to have not moved in then. Jason has 3 children, my career has exploded, and I don't want to continue my record of being the runaway bride. I would rather be ready, be engaged, move into a new place together and do things the way they naturally should evolve.