Bethenny Frankel NY

Bethenny talks about her first reaction to the pregancy, if "bayboo" is a boy or a girl, and baby names!

on Apr 15, 2010


Upon first meeting Sonja I thought she was bubbly and engaging. There was so much going on around us that we didn't really get to connect, but my first impression was definitely a positive one. She doesn't strike me as someone with an agenda. She simply wants to have fun.

My letter to Bobby was to communicate to him that I was thinking of him and sorry for any pain, fear or suffering he was enduring. I let him know that I had no idea that his condition was more than a procedure. I also let him know that I sent flowers rather than call after his procedure because I found it inappropriate and awkward to call Jill's husband when she and I weren't speaking whatsoever and she had told me "We're done."

I thought Alex's fashion show was very professional and very well-produced. I thought the girls looked terrific, and Alex, in particular, walked that runway like a pro.

It was a really quick flash of all the girls modeling, but I thought they did a great job. Kelly and Alex have experience modeling, so this was a cake walk for them. Poor Ramona was a wreck and looked as if she were going to the electric chair. However, Ramona looked beautiful and the dress was terrific on her. Who the hell cares? Did they have fun? Isn't that all that matters? None of us are saving lives here, and thank God for Ramona's face in that scene because it made it hilarious.