Bethenny Frankel NY

Bethenny talks marriage, riding the Ramonacoaster, and her showdown with Jill.

on Apr 8, 2010


Nothing shocks me or anyone else when it comes to Ramona. As I said, she is the Ramonacoaster and you never know what you are going to get. Her comments that I would end up alone and that I'd screw it up with Jason were very hurtful. Last season she told me I didn't know how to date for marriage. I'm happily married now, so contrary to what Ramona thinks, she doesn't know everything.

That said, she came to my wedding, we're in a good place right now and I really can't focus on the negatives. I'm focusing on my swollen feet, hands and face at the moment. This last leg of pregnancy is challenging.

On the bright side, I'm so happy to be married to Jason. I really am tickled pink. I never thought it could feel this right and that I could be at peace.

Alex is a calm, kind person. This isn't the first time that I've confided in her about something personal, yet this was by far the most personal. Although Alex is very smart, I didn't tell her about my problems because I needed advice. I just needed someone to talk to and she was the right person. Wow, that was a brutal time in my life. So much was going on at the time and it will all come through on the show.

Judging models was somewhat absurd. It was definitely out of my wheel house. I really have no interest in fashion or models, so at that point, it seemed inconsequential and unimportant. Of course my favorite part was Kelly's depiction of the plight of the models. I needed a little levity and comic relief at that moment.