Bethenny Frankel NY

Where to fit in and where to find happiness.

on Mar 4, 2008


When people talk about "society" as in socialite, that's not me. What is great about New York is its pulse, its energy, its variety and creative freedom. This city really is a melting pot where everyone fits in somewhere. If you think that I view the Upper East Side as New York, you're mistaken. New York is a chameleon. There's art, theatre, Wall Street, music, socialites, the wealthy, the beatnicks, the vegetarian yogis -- the list goes on. New York is whatever you want it to be. Everyone fits in somewhere, and hopefully I fit in in a few places.

That being said, I do like to get away from time to time. I love Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Malibu and Colorado, in particular. I love great weather and the ability to either surf or snowboard whenever you like. I'm an outdoorsy kind of girl, so I could definitely live outside of NYC. Connecticut is also beautiful, as is the Hudson River Valley. Those places are great because you have a summer and winter home in one and you don't have to escape in the summer. Oh, and I do like the suburbs. I love having a backyard, a huge kitchen and a car, things that can be hard to come by in New York!