Bethenny Frankel NY

Bethenny reflects on her fashion show throwdown with LuAnn.

on Mar 24, 2010

Ya gotta love Ramona. Ramona can't help herself, and somehow she'll always end up in the middle of something. Thank God for her. Our show needs her like the desert needs water.

Jill's SAKS party made my LuAnn lashing look like a calm stroll in the park. I joke that Ramona has a mild form of turrets. When she launches, there is no turning back. Jason and I watch in disbelief. She made me feel sane, so I thank her for that. To be fair, asking Kelly about her breast implants was not an appropriate inquiry/conversation, regardless of where they were. I did find it perfect, though, that LuAnn condones discussing it behind Kelly's back, but never to her face "dahling."