Bethenny Frankel NY

Bethenny picks her favorite Halloween costume and reveals what she thought of Kelly's fashionably late entrance.

on Apr 20, 2009

Cookie aka da boo boo is my roller-bitch, but she doesn't work well with others and she's not a big fan of people or costumes. At the Halloween party she instantly became a dust buster. She and I have never been very graceful.

My favorite moment was Ramona eating what she thought was dog food. Gotta love Ramona. She's great TV.

At this point, nothing Kelly does surprises me.

Kelly's lateness was no surprise. Everyone has obligations. I just wanted to be somewhere fun where we knew people and where there was alcohol - not cash bar. At this point, nothing Kelly does surprises me. However she did apologize to me at Alex and Simon's. I'm fairly certain that Alex and Simon don't care for me, but you can't fit a square into a circle, so that's that.