Bethenny Frankel NY

Thoughts and recaps to the season and NYC reunion.

on Apr 23, 2008

Lastly, Jason is the most incredible man I've ever met who is simply "not that into being on television" versus not that into me. He isn't insane like the rest of us, and he has no interest in living his life on camera. For me, this was an incredible, irresistible opportunity to build my business BethennyBakes by partnering with Bravo, the most incredibly talented group of professionals I've ever worked with.

Thank you, Bravo, for capturing me perfectly, accurately and authentically. For better or for worse, what you saw was me. You all really know Bethenny. xo B and cookie

Was there anything you wanted to bring up that you didn't get a chance to?

Please sign up for my E Newsletter at so I can send you recipes, tips, my appearances and some funny pictures and videos of cookie. Thank you so much for watching. I'm welling up with tears just writing it. The outreach has been incredible and I will miss you all.

To Luanne (Mrs. De Lesepps): You are incredibly graceful, you know exactly what to say and I admire you're ability to keep it to yourself. I skipped that day in school.

To Jill: Thank you for calling me a "skinny bitch" and dragging me to meet the Bravo producers. You have definitely changed my life and I love you and your endless rants.

To Ramona: You are a wonderful mother and have an incredible daughter which to me is the most difficult and impressive feat in the world.

To Alex: You are truly charming, kind, sweet, beautiful inside and out and you really can take the heat without getting burned. You can come in my kitchen anytime.

To Simon: You are an incredible father, husband and housewife, and you gave me my funniest lines of the season.