Jeana Keough

Jeana describes the differences between NYC, OC, and Atlanta housewives!

on Apr 28, 2009

This week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York is my favorite episode so far. Seeing all the girls dressed in costumes - Roller Girl, Elle from Legally Blonde - I loved it! Kelly looked amazing as a Playboy Bunny. Bethenny's impersonations of Simon and Jill are so funny - do me next Bethenny! The girls seem to be getting along better and I really like that - women picking at each other bugs me. I love the closeness and caring the OC girls have for each other. It appears that the New York girls are starting to emulate us and realize how childish it is to not be supportive of your colleagues. Maybe all that time together filming the A-List Awards has rubbed off! We had the best time trailer-hopping and hanging out with all the other housewives. We are all so different. The New Yorkers tell it like it is, the Atlanta girls kill you with charm, and as for the OC, we are...what can I say...perfect!

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Gretchen and Slade call me once a week to check in and update me on events for Gretchen’s charity for Jeff Bietzel. Gretchen has been exposed in the press a lot lately due to her stalker ex-friend. I would hate it if someone stole my college pictures and put them online. I always tell my kids, don’t let people take your picture in situations that you might not want to see 20 years from now when you are running for a position in office or working for a large company. Human resource heads are going back to Facebook and MySpace to get a feel for potential employees. Your reputation is all you have - so protect it! This is character building stuff for Gretchen and she is handling it with grace and humor - I am not sure I would do the same. I think my friend Guido would be out looking to break noses for me!