Jeana Keough

Jeana describes the differences between NYC, OC, and Atlanta housewives!

on Apr 28, 2009

I went to Lakewood, the mega church in Houston while I was there and loved the message about not surrounding your self with negativity, and don’t covet others greater fortune, cars, clothes or looks. God gives us what he needs us to have to fit his plan for us. I loved the message Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria gave us and felt so energized and renewed after the sermon. My personal favorite was Victoria talking about how watching her favorite trash TV to see the clothes, made her realize we all need to dig deep into our hearts and realize that isn’t what we wear but who we are inside. I so agree, although I felt everyone in the church looked at me when she said that! Trash TV sounds like a good name for a new show! It was so fun to go to another church, I go to Saddleback with Rick Warren and it is fun to get a new perspective and meet tons of new people. I had friends of Gretchen’s come up to me. Thank God they didn’t have any embarrassing photos with them! She went to Baylor and she has some really nice friends from her college years. Speaking of college, Kara is coming home for the weekend! I hope to get to see her, her boyfriend, UCLA Baseball Blair Dunlap has been hitting home runs and a grandslam and she is coming in to see a few games and celebrate! She is doing her finals and should be done with school in a month. I can’t wait until she is home to get a job - I mean I can't wait to spend some time with her! I know the saying nothing in life is free, but paying for two kids to live away from home...ouch. Thank God real estate is finally picking up.

Last but not least, Colton has been the best son ever this week. I am so proud of him and the man he is becoming. We had two local boys die in a car accident, Mark Motley and Zack Rafferty, two funerals in a week, I am more then ever aware life is short, spend it with positive people, help others and try to make a difference in the community. As Maria Shriver has said on many occasions, don’t look to government to do all the work, help out at your schools and get involved. Have a great week. Pray for the families of Zach and Mark and tell your children to slow down and stay off the phone while driving.