Jill Zarin

Reflections on Ramona's big exit

on Apr 10, 2008

Ramona had a pretty big reaction to Simon coming to your dinner party. How did you feel about how she reacted? How did you feel about Simon wanting to come to the party?

A party is a party. I love people and honestly, it was fine. In retrospect, funny actually. There is something to say about being alone with your girlfriends. Then we can talk about our husbands or boyfriends. The vibe was definitely different with Simon there. If we had been alone with Alex, just once, maybe we would have been able to share some stories. Perhaps on Season 2??? (If it happens!) I do love to entertain and appreciated Brad for coming over to help me set the table. Of course we used Zarin products too for the dinner party! ZarinFabrics.com carries gorgeous discount fabrics and discount accessories.

My friends and family have told me I am a great cook but it was wonderful to have Bethenny prepare such a beautiful meal. I told Ramona that her behavior was immature when she called me to apologize privately a week later. Of course I forgave her as I try not to hold on to bad energy (though it is hard to do sometimes).

You and Brad put together a great party. What's the method to your madness?

Brad and I have a unique relationship. I know he loves me, but doesn't always show it. I am lucky to have him in my life and we would do anything for each other. We work together at ZarinFabrics.com designing homes all over the world. In fact, Brad is in Highpoint right now sourcing product for a few large projects in NY, Florida and Russia. We have an outstanding design team and are very busy. I loved the dinner table setting scene because I am designing a special table setting for the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Benefit at the Park Avenue Armory on April 24.