Jill Zarin

Jill talks about Bethenny's pregnancy announcement, Alex's bombshell message, and "mean girls."

on Apr 30, 2010


Bravotv: Did you suspect Bethenny was pregnant before hearing the rumors?

I had absolutely no idea Bethenny was pregnant.

You e-mail Bethenny to tell her you spoke with the press and told them the pregnancy was a rumor. She says you did it for selfish reasons. Were you just trying to do damage control?

I wasn't trying to "do" anything. I was at an event when someone in the press asked me about the pregnancy rumor. At that point it was not confirmed, so I just said it was a rumor. After I congratulated Bethenny and Jason I felt terrible about the way it happened. I didn't know Bethenny was coming to Kelly's party since they weren't really friends. I called her when we all left the party and sent her flowers to apologize and congratulate her. She texted me that she was away for the weekend but heard I sent them. She said thank you so I thought things were thawing out with her. That is why I texted her when I did hear the rumors were true. Even though we had a fight, I wanted her to know I cared about her.

Was Jennifer Gilbert helpful in planning your holiday party?

I met Jennifer Gilbert as a new housewife. She was also a well known event planner and asked her to help me plan a holiday party. She was amazing and everything I heard about her was true.

Were you surprised when Bobby acted a little camera shy before appearing on LXTV?

I love the scenes when I am filming with my family and close friends. Bobby was so adorable.