Jill Zarin

Jill talks about Bethenny's pregnancy announcement, Alex's bombshell message, and "mean girls."

on Apr 30, 2010

What was your reaction to the message Alex delivered? Did you think the message was from Bethenny or was it Alex taking out her aggression?

I was devastated by the message Alex delivered. I realized the the whole "fight" was not worth fighting. Bobby had given me great advice and though I couldn't take back what I did or said, I thought since we communicated after she announced her engagement that we were moving to a better place. I thought they were "mean girls" talking about it afterward which is exactly what they have been accusing me of all season.

Do you still believe that Bethenny doesn't know the difference between what should be kept private and what should be public?

I say that Bethenny doesn't know the difference between real and private, but really I think it was me who didn't know. I thought our friendship was real and was shocked she wouldn't talk to me off camera at Ramona's house. I asked her on camera in front of LuAnn and Ramona to talk to me in the bedroom and she wouldn't. Why?

Allyson is graduating high school in a few weeks. Where did the years go? What happened to my little girl? She is all grown up and we could not be more proud of her.

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