Jill Zarin

A new addition to the family helps start a busy summer!

on Jun 3, 2008

Memorial Day weekend was fun-packed in The Hamptons. Bobby's entire family stayed with us and we took them to the Hamptons Magazine party at the Binn's home. They set up a carnival type setting and all the children had a great time. I ran into Ramona, Bethenny and Alex. There are a few photos online somewhere. I also did a segment for hamptons.com to promote my new "Ask Jill" column. If you write questions to me there, I can at least try to return them. Couri Hay interviewed me for a local TV station PLUM TV and then it was off to the last party of the evening for Social Life magazine where I ran into Simon and Alex again.

Last weekend Bethenny stayed with us for the weekend and the both of us bunkered down watching TV and cooking together. We had the best time, and of course so did everyone else eating the delicious food! This week I am getting ready to present an award for "Drama King" at Bravo's A List Awards. I have been running around getting ready for that and at the same time a million other things. We have added some new items to "Team Jill" so please go to jillzarin.com.

Love, Jill