Jill Zarin

Jill looks back on a tumultuous season and thanks her fans and castmates.

on Jun 18, 2010


Well everyone, the season is finally over and it's time for one last reflection and many thanks. This season was difficult for me at times to film and watch. Yet after reading all of your comments here and on JillZarin.com I have realized that this season has been just as important for many of you as it was for me. For the first two seasons you've watched me, for the most part, in my better moments. This season - not all perfect. But through it all we've learned together that people make mistakes. All we can do is attempt to fix them. Everyone may not end up agreeing with you, but if you are at peace with yourself, then the journey is complete and you're ready to move onto the next new and exciting chapter in your life.

I could sit here and tell you many things that happened this season that did not make it onto the shows, or that happened after the filming was over. Even as recently as the reunion filming. But to what purpose would that really serve to myself, the other ladies or you, the viewer? You can't say you are moving on and then keep going backwards. So let's enjoy the lost footage next week and and close the book on this season!

Can you believe Ally is going to college in the fall? With her gone I decided I needed to find a hobby! So I did! I have a bedding line that I have designed that will be available this fall. I have worked on it for a long time and am working on Spring 2011 right now. I would love to hear ideas from you, so please sign up for my newsletter at jillzarin.com so we can keep in touch over the summer. I'll also answer your questions to what I wore at the reunion and more!

More exciting news! Book clubs are selecting Secrets of a Jewish Mother for thier summer reading since there is so much to talk about amongst friends. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please email us and tell us what you think and if you want, one of us could call you when the book club gets together as a SURPRISE! Just email CARA at cara@lisawexler.com to set up the call. We will call and answer ONE question you have that the group comes up with from reading a chapter in the book. You must have at least six people in the room! Don't be shy - it'll be fun! We are also getting invited to speak at many JCC's and private corporate events.