Jill Zarin

This week's recap and family updates.

on Apr 2, 2008


Bethenny had you over to talk about her relationship troubles this week. Do you have any insights into the situation? Can you expand on the talk you had in general?

I love Bethenny. Why? I respect her. She is about the truth. Maybe her truth, but the truth. We don't always see eye to eye, as you will see in next week's episode (read between the lines!) but since I've gotten to know her, I know I can always count on her honesty. My mom is the same way; it hurts sometimes to hear it, but I always sit back and think about what they are saying to me and reflect. Bethenny loves Jason and Jason loves Bethenny. Period. I hope she continues to find balance between her career and what I think is really more important, her personal life. Her future.