Jill Zarin

Recap drama and shout-outs galore!

on Apr 24, 2008

You called Alex out on wanting to be a socialite. Why do you think she disagrees with you and the other ladies on her ambitions?

I was brought up by a mother who was always brutally honest. She made me who I am. I was receiving mixed messages from Simon and Alex. At the end of the day, when I am with them, they make me feel welcome and warm. I don't agree with some of their priorities or choices, but who am I to judge? I just say, "own it".

Ramona walked out when Alex's photos were brought up. Were you surprised by her behavior? Do you think it was justified? Are you kidding? Nothing surprises me with Ramona. I meant it when I said you don't know who you are going to get, "Ramona or Rameana". I sort of thought it was funny until Bethenny and Ramona got into it behind the scenes. Without Ramona the show would be boring! We all brought something to show. With a husband like Mario and a daughter like Avery, obviously there is a another side you might not have seen. That is why we are still friends. She definitely keeps me on my toes!

We finally got to see you have it out with Ramona! Are you satisfied, or is there still more to resolve with her?

I never like having my feelings hurt. No one does. I think we resolved all the issues we had over past 9 months, finally. I can't promise something won't happen tomorrow, though.