Just Divorced! 5 Blowout Trip Ideas to Celebrate Like Bethenny Frankel

Book a ticket for these international parties and celebrate with abandon like the #RHONY star plans to do.

We well know that Bethenny Frankel has been separated and enduring a long and contested divorce from her ex since 2012. Although the two have come to an agreement on child custody, they’re still working out the kinks in their plan for property division. While sources say they’re finally close to reaching some sort of agreement there, the entire process sounds like it’s been nothing short of a nightmare. But Frankel’s keeping her spirits up about it all.

When asked not too long ago by E! News if she plans on celebrating her divorce by going out for something like a nice dinner, Frankel scoffed at the simple idea and went on to mention epic elements she envisions for her divorce party when the day does roll around, including hanging chandeliers, fireworks, making out with strangers, and nipple tassels. Oh yes: She’s gonna go way over the top for this one!

Looking for a similarly outrageous way to celebrate a divorce? Consider locations and events around the globe that facilitate this level of partying — and celebrating newfound freedom.

1.  Brazilian Carnival

We’d be remiss not to put this at the top of our list, so here it is: the Brazilian Carnival! This annual event is similar to New Orleans’ Mardi Gras (so that also works), featuring parades, costumes, dancing, music, and, of course, plenty of great beverages and other festivities. Let loose with your best buds while taking in the magnificently gorgeous Brazilian views. You might even be able to find a chandelier or two for the hanging if you’re so inclined.

2.  Burning Man

No matter what kind of person you are, there’s probably a place for you (especially in these modern days of glamping) at Burning Man. And that place will be filled with a special degree of hedonism if you’re attending the festival as a way to celebrate your divorce. Tens of thousands of people gather in this Nevada desert each year to become the most artistic versions of themselves, even if only briefly, and to take in the glory of the collective artistic self expression. With a focus on costuming, this is a perfect place for feeling free and anonymous simultaneously.

3.  Las Vegas

Vegas might not be for everyone, but if you’re seeking a certain kind of thrill (you know, the risk-taking via gambling and mayyyyyybe drinking a little too much kind), Vegas is always there waiting for you and your girlfriends with its 24-7, 365 party. Between the gambling, drinking, fine dining, and spa, shopping, and entertainment options, you and your divorce-celebrating friends will have a packed itinerary when in Vegas.

4.  Ios

If you’re dreaming of an unforgettable Mediterranean trip to mark your own take on “conscious uncoupling,” Ios, Greece might be just the place. With a famously active nightlife scene (that actually starts in the afternoon in many places), you’ll have plenty of options for dancing and mingling with strangers. And when you’re not doing that, the food and sights are beyond worth the plane ride.

5.  Bali

You’ve always wanted to visit Bali anyway, so why not use your newly pronounced ex as a reason to finally book the tickets? While Bali is a great choice for partying, a vacation there will also make for unbelievably relaxing experiences and out-of-this-world travel memories. Plus, what better way to start your new and single chapter of life than with a trip to one of the most beautiful places on the planet?

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