Kelly Killoren Bensimon

More from Kelly Killoren Bensimon about her picnic with Top Chef's Sam Talbot and LuAnn!

on Mar 17, 2009

The drama gets juicier the farther we get into the season. Even the entertainment writer from The New York Post can't get enough of the show. Her comment from the last episode was that I was an irresponsible mother for riding a horse I had never ridden in the Hampton Classic horse show. These are the facts. The horse I fell from was actually a mare, whom I had been riding all summer. She thankfully stopped right before the jump, because there was nowhere for her to go. Not only was I nervous about the horse show, but also I was also nervous to be filmed riding on a television show. Another horse, a gelding that I had tried the night before, did so well for me that I decided to take him into the 3 foot ring during the Classic. He moved so well, and took me over all the jumps with the greatest of ease, even though Ramona was distracting me before I competed. I am not a pro, and riding is a fun hobby I love. If I thought I was going to put myself in an awkward position, I wouldn't have done it, ever. But, what is more evocative television: watching two women gossip about their "friends," or me falling off a horse, getting back on, and trying my best? The good news is that because of the episode, I have met so many interesting people who have great horses for me to potentially buy. I am so sad about the sale of my "Mr. Handsome," Mirado, but there is a new horse in sight, I can feel it. And, more importantly, it was a great lesson for my girls. When you fall off, get right back on and try again.

In this episode, LuAnn wanted to come downtown and see my apartment. So I decided to organize a play date for all of us. I am not the "let's have drinks and chit chat" kind of girl. I prefer creating new memories, and the best way to do that is through activities. I didn't know LuAnn very I had already taken Ramona to the Richard Meier model museum, but I still didn't know LuAnn very well, so I thought we could cook together. I have already hung out and eaten super chef Sam Talbott's food at the Surf Lodge in Montauk. I've also met his wife and cooked with the Top Chef star on my show Behind the Hedges on So, I knew that it would be fun for LuAnn and my girls to cook a little together. LuAnn came downtown, the girls came home from school, and we made a light meal. When I was a child I always tried to cook after school with my friends, but always unsuccessfully. Because they don't know LuAnn, having Sam there made it more fun for the girls. Also, with Sam there we were sure the food would taste good!