Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Kelly brings Ramona to Richard Meier's model museum.

on Mar 9, 2009

Since we last spoke, I had fallen off a horse, and got back on. I met Ramona at the Hampton Classic horse show, ran into my great friend photographer Steven Klein, (he took all those pictures of Madonna in W magazine with her new boyfriend) and watched Luann's daughter ride. There is nothing more disappointing then to have a bad ride at the Hampton Classic horse show, especially for all of us who are not professional and love the sport as an amazing hobby.

This week, I was interviewed on Cosmo and Maxim radio. Those guys are so funny. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and they make an interview fun and conversational. It is one thing to be asking the questions, it is another to be interviewed. How do you respond to some of the crazy questions? All they want to know is who I am dating. That is all anyone wants to know.

I then hosted a lunch at Saks Fifth Avenue on the 8th floor and had to walk through the shoe salon, which is probably the closest thing to a candy shop for women. I am the name and face of Saks Fifth Avenue's new line, WEAR. Figuring out what to wear everyday is seriously daunting, but with a little color and a belt, and you are on your way to having fun and looking feminine. Check out for a quick interview on what to wear, where to wear, when to wear, how to wear.