Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Kelly talks about what she's looking for in a man and shares her reaction to Jill's email.

on Apr 1, 2010

I was flattered to be at the Brooklyn Fashion Week meeting. I started ELLE Accessories and judged the work of students graduating from the PARSONS School of Design many times with Tim Gunn. I admire young designers for their creativity and confidence to do what they love. Bethenny brought up the Daily News article. None of us wanted to give it oxygen, because Bethenny is infamous for putting herself in the press and giving slanderous articles to gossip reporters. I had to endure her press smackdown all last year, and it seriously affected my reputation and my children. I will never forgive or forget what she did to defame my reputation or hurt my children. Gossip is ugly. I needed to clear up the "I'm up here" statement I made last year for the viewers, because it was clearly misinterpreted. A lot of times when I am around Bethenny I feel like Crystal Carrington. She needs drama to stay alive on the show, starts fires, and then becomes the victim. I like to foster and hone creative ideas, not start fires or placate victims. The drama bores me.

When I got Jill's email, I was disappointed. I have been trying to make an effort with all of these women. I understand that Bethenny and Jill are both upset about their friendship, but it's their friendship. I am not known for being an intermeddler. I will continue to be polite to Bethenny until she proves me wrong. And I will continue to be friends Jill until she proves me wrong. Life is too short. We are all so lucky. Stay real, and tweet me anytime @kikilet. I prefer your impressions to mine.