Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Kelly discusses her relationship with Max and her showdown with Bethenny.

on Apr 28, 2009

I was married for nine years and I am extremely shy and nervous about dating. But like everything in life, dating is a fun, organic process that should be enjoyed. Most women remember a first date and love to talk about it. Men like to sit back, watch, and wait to see how women react. After a couple of months, men settle in. I like to meet a lot of people and have fun. I've dated a couple of amazing men. Max is one of those men. We met last summer. We have a lot of fun together, and he supports all of my endeavors. He is adorable with my kiddies. I brought him to meet LuAnn's nieces because I knew that all three women would love Max - and they did. It was funny that the minute we started talking about men, Max walked in.

I am not secretive about my relationship with Max - I just don't have any expectations. I don't know the women well enough to divulge personal information that I'm still processing. Who knows what is happening or what will happen. I have a twin brother, so I feel very comfortable with men. For now, I am enjoying meeting a lot of new people. Mr. Right will come and find me.