LuAnn de Lesseps

The imfamous driver scene and Ramona's dramatic exit

on Apr 9, 2008


You spent a lot of time with Bethenny in this episode. How did that come about?

When I first met Bethenny with Jill I really liked her. She's a survivor and I admire women like that. I felt she need someone to talk to about her problems with Jason so I invited her for drinks and wanted her to meet my kids. There is a part of that scene they left out which was so funny. She asked Noel if he was in 2nd grade.

The infamous driver scene was finally shown this week. Any comments on Bethenny's reaction?

I'm an American Indian and consider myself someone who is down to earth . People should ask you first how you would prefer to be introduced to people. I compare it to kids at school having to address their teacher or an adult by their proper name. It's how I was raised. Even Rosie calls me Mrs. D. Its a matter of respect for people not superiority. I think Bethany's reaction was funny because she had no idea!