LuAnn de Lesseps

Answers revealed from the reunion

on Apr 23, 2008


You were kind of like the referee of the reunion, de-escalating everyone's conflicts. Were there times you just wanted to take a break and jump in and confront anyone yourself?

I'm always a bit of the referee. The only time I really felt like jumping in was when Alex and Simon talked about their home under constant renovation as they are madly shopping and the paint is peeling. I was surprised he showed up for the reunion, no one told us he would be there. I also had no idea she had nude photo's soon to hit the stands. Yikes, what would the children think???

Ramona walked out when Alex's photos were brought up. Were you surprised by her behavior? Do you think it's justified? How did you feel about the photos?

I think Ramona was shocked by the whole thing, and so was I quite frankly. I think there is nothing wrong with posing naked as long as it's done in good taste. I think her reaction was understandable.