LuAnn de Lesseps

The Countess discusses her relationship with her daughter, and describes the inspiration behind her new book!

on Apr 21, 2009

Victoria comes home most weekends, but it was the first time she was home after going away to school, so it was great. She has adjusted beautifully and has made great friends. It was so nice having her all to myself for the day. We really enjoyed ourselves!

Victoria is a lot like me. She is very respectful of me as a parent, just as I was with my mother. I'm very lucky. She is easy-going and fun to be around. She has a gift of making people feel comfortable.

We didn't really know anyone at Kelly's Halloween party. It was a strange group of people that none of us had ever seen before. We had many great parties to attend, but we went to Kelly's party to be there for her and she wasn't there. I couldn't believe that she would host a party and not be there to greet her guests! She never apologized to me personally.

It's amazing and so exciting to see my book on bookshelves! If someone told me 20 years ago that I would have a top selling book I would have said, "You're kidding." I've always wanted to write about my experiences as a young girl growing up in CT and moving to NY to model and making a life for myself in Europe. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to share my life experiences.