LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn recaps her apartment hunt, drinks with the single Housewives, and her confrontation with Mario.

on Apr 23, 2010


Apartment hunting was fun because I was really looking forward to starting fresh with a new apartment in New York. I forgot how expensive NYC could be. So much money for so little space! Having my good friend and interior designer Bill Stubbs with me was a Godsend because he knows me well and could quickly decide whether or not an apartment would work for my family.

In this episode, I’m looking at downtown apartments because I love going out downtown, but I decided it’s a better destination than a residence. I like to live in a neighborhood that isn’t so casual, where people make an effort to look good when they leave the house. Also, I need a doorman building now that Rosie is gone and the children are teenagers. I was open to trying something new by living downtown but after visiting the neighborhood, I decided to focus on the Upper East Side.

I had a great time at dinner with Kelly and Sonja. We all have a lot of joie de vivre and share many of the same friends. I think that Sonja is very open about her personal life while Kelly is more reserved, which makes for very interesting dinner conversation.

I was very surprised when Kelly said she wanted more children. Being a single mother isn’t easy, but having a new baby is even harder. I hope that Kelly marries the man of her dreams (pool playing, beer drinking and Met going) and wish her luck finding the right guy.