LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn defends her friendship with Jill, and rejects the idea that she's the "underdog" this season!

on Mar 18, 2010


At first I thought it was weird that Victoria’s friends would share with her their opinions on how I look, but after my initial shock, I was flattered. Because she is my daughter, I can see how comments like this might make Victoria uncomfortable.

Kelly says that if one of her daughters was offered the chance to pose for Playboy in the future, she would support it. If Victoria was old enough to make her own decisions, I would support her posing for Playboy, as long as she doesn’t show her cha-cha (her word). My daughter is a beautiful, smart and talented artist who will distinguish herself in many ways. As her mother, my hope is that it won’t include posing nude.

The Ungaro event was a really hot party filled with eclectic, interesting and beautiful people. I was glad that the girls came out to support me and that the party was such a success. We danced until midnight.

I honestly do not know whose side Alex is on and neither does she. She tries to stay neutral but is clearly having a difficult time. She questions why we support Kelly’s appearance in Playboy versus her S&M Internet photo spread that surfaced last season. There is no comparison between random Internet photos and the cover of Playboy magazine.