LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn gives her reaction to Bethenny's ambush.

on Apr 8, 2010


After Season Two ended, Bethenny disappeared from our lives. I understand that Bethenny was busy and in love this past summer, and I’m very happy for her, but I don’t think being too busy is a good reason to drop your friends. In the beginning of this season she said she wasn’t my friend, and it hurt my feelings. Jill and I have been friends since the before Housewives and I consider her a true friend and will remain loyal to her.

Henry Buhl is an old friend of mine. We met in Europe through mutual friends and I’ve always admired his work for New York City’s homeless. The Soho Partnership is not new to me, I’ve volunteered with them for many years. I was delighted to help obtain donations for the Use Your Head Shop for a Cause boutique.

I love being with Jill. Since I had been staying at hotels while looking for an apartment in the city, it was a treat to visit with Jill. I love the way she decorated the guest bedroom; I felt really comfortable. On the other hand, maybe Ginger should stay out of the guest room!

I wasn’t the least bit offended that Alex didn’t invite me to participate her Brooklyn fashion show. Alex can choose who she wants to be involved in her projects.