Mario Singer

Mario talks about the "Countless Cougar" in action, and the useless bickering between the Housewives.

on May 7, 2010


At the luncheon with Ramona and Sonja, Jill is asked to be part of the trip that Ramona has planned to the Caribbean before the renewal of our vows. It is pretty clear how Jill feels about going and during her interview she comments about on how difficult being married to Ramona must be. Jill, you should be so fortunate to have a marriage like we do. I wonder how happy you would feel if Bobby were to cut off your credit cards.

Finally we come to the final confrontation of the show and once again Jill is at the epicenter. All I can say is the only truthful and intelligent thing Jill says in the entire episode was, "Alex, you are a better person than me." Amen to that.