Mario Singer

Mario talks Jill's surprise plan and wonders why Kel's fixated on 1979.

on May 21, 2010


Another day in paradise. Ramona had been calling me to let me know how hard they were working with filming and that they had no time to relax. Hey, I would have loved to be working hard in that beautiful setting instead of in cold New York. Maybe next time the husbands will get to go too.

We start with Bethenny leaving gift bags for all the girls. Apparently, Kelly is shocked that B would be so thoughtful and there must be a sinister plot behind gift giving. We find out as the episode unfolds that Kelly believes Bethenny is out to kill her. I think at this point it was safe to say that Kelly had flown over the cuckoo’s nest. Where were the medics with the straight jacket?

I enjoyed Kelly’s photo shoot in one of her rare normal moods and she seemed to be having fun. Ramona had on an itsy bitsy tiny yellow bikini. I have to say she looked great! She had been working out with our trainer Gaby, who got her into fantastic shape. You can find Gaby at .

So the gossip girls are having dinner and sharing their excuses why they did not go on Ramona’s trip. The truth is that neither of them thought the trip would take place without them. Guess they got that wrong. Jill tells LuAnn that she thinks Ramona will be happy to see her and decides to make a surprise visit since she will be in the “neighborhood." Clearly, she could no longer stand being out of the picture. Why Jill thinks everyone would be happy to see her is beyond me when she has been fighting with Bethenny and Alex, not to mention dissing Ramona. Too little, too late.