Mario Singer

Mario reacts to Silex's renovation, Bethenny's date, and Jill's latest remarks.

on Apr 29, 2009


Well we finally get to see Bethenny on the dating scene. Her friend Frankie definitely has good taste and set her up with a very handsome gentleman who seems very secure. Of course Bethenny has to mess with his head by telling Patrick that she loves to be a ball breaker. Hey Bethenny, here’s an update for your recent dating rules: Men don’t like women who break their balls. As we Italian men say, Non mi rompere I coglioni.

Alex and Simon give a tour of their house in progress. The renovation has taken longer that the painting of the Sistine Chapel. Though the kitchen was very nice, I do have to agree with Bethenny (but she will probably take it back) about the bordello look. I was waiting for the escorts to come downstairs and join the party. Simon, the living room definitely works with your shiny red pants and black jacket look. Sorry we were unable to attend as we had previous plans with very good friends and they were not up for schlepping to Brooklyn. We were not trying to diss you and Alex. Maybe another time. I’m pleased to see how much better your boys are behaving since last year. Can’t wait to read the parenting book that you and Alex are working on.

A "girls' night out” will now hold new meaning for LuAnn. Don’t worry about getting dating tips from Kelly. And why does she always play with her hair like an adolescent girl? Better you go with Bethenny’s rules of dating.