No Hamilton Tickets? No Problem! Try This Travel Itinerary Inspired by the Story

Get blown away (ahem) by these summer travel ideas.

Every time we don't get Hamilton tickets in the lottery selection, we die inside just a little bit. And with the Tony Awards coming up on June 12, the musical is bound to win some of its 16 nominations — further underscoring our lust for the show that's captured the attention of a nation (including its president) and continues to glow with white-hot buzz.

The good news is that you don't even need those impossible-to-score tickets to the show of the century to take part in the experience. It will, however, require setting an out-of-office message for a long weekend: You can get the full, immersive experience — in the form of luxury travel — with this whirlwind East Coast and Caribbean itinerary based off the hit musical.

1.  Start at JFK airport.

Playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda reportedly wrote the play in this airport. There, hit Uptown Brasserie — or frolic among furry friends at JFK's luxury pet kennel, where you'll find TVs and even pools to have fun while you channel the genius everyone's talking about. You just might find your own creative inspiration here too!

2.  Jet to Nevis.

There's a new "Hamilton 1755" package for a four-bedroom villa, available for the rest of this year, at the Paradise Beach Resort. You get a copy of the bestselling book where Miranda drew inspiration, and a privately guided island tour of Nevis' historic sites. You can also pick mangoes or go horseback riding on the beach... all on the island where Alexander Hamilton was born and spent part of his childhood.

3.  Fly back via Washington.

While sightseeing in the nation's capital, make a stop at Civil Lounge, someplace a modern type of founding father would appreciate. Our first national treasuer wrote the Federalist Papers here. Complete with scotches, bourbon, and cigar lockers, it's like an after-hours man cave in D.C. that even the ladies can enjoy. Put your feet up, and puff up your affluence. 

4.  Back in the city, hit Broadway.

The best view along the Great White Way may be The View. It actually has pretty cool rooftop views — you can see some of the city’s rooftop bars from here. Indulge and sip on an egg cream “Caffe Coretto” alongside the dessert buffet. And toast to those tickets you might someday score.

5.  ...and then Harlem.

In this buzzy, eclectic neighborhood, you must see the house Hamilton built. And of course you must eat at restaurants fromTop Chef's Marcus Samuelsson, including a hip-hop-inspired kitchenette and a supper club. 

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