Ramona Singer

Secrets to staying young (and on time).

on Apr 18, 2008

Can you talk a little about why you prefer simpler methods to plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery, I feel, should be put off as long as possible; too many people do it too quickly. If you take care of your body by working out regularly and eating right, you will look younger naturally, and nothing is better than that. When it comes to your face and neck it is important to always wear SPF 30, and if you are fair, wearing a hat in the sun. LuAnn made fun of me wearing a hat in The Hamptons, but it's necessary to prevent your face from aging.

When we were using makeup artists for the show they were always amazed by the quality of my skin. Using anti-aging skin care products on a regular basis helps dramatically with wrinkles, pore size, elasticity, hydration, and age spots. That's why I am working on a skin care line called Tru-Renewal. There are many over the counter products that contain glycolic that one could start with.