Ramona Singer

Ramona explains why she's not Simon's biggest fan.

on Mar 24, 2009

I was not able to make the charity meeting, as I had a previous commitment with Ma rio. I was extremely surprised at Kelly's response when they wanted to include her name on the charity invite. With this charity event we all decided it was going to be a small group of mainly just our friends. Jill was just trying to be kind and make Kelly feel part of the group. I felt her comments were negative and it was not the place or time to bring them up. It would have been nicer if she had just said, "It's kind of you to want to include me," instead of saying flat out no the way she did. She should have had another conversation with Jill after the meeting privately about any of her reservations, and then say she would prefer not to be on the invitation.

I really do not know how to "fake it" with someone I do not like.

It is always awkward for me when I run into Simon and Alex.I really do not know how to "fake it" with someone I do not like. I have really never had a situation where I run into people I do not like. I feel as though Alex and Simon have invaded my territory. If they come to an event that I am also attending, I just find it easier to leave or go to the other side of the room. I could not believe how Simon just came up to me the way he did at the fashion show. Everyone does not have to like everyone else. It takes too much effort for me to try to be polite and make small talk, so I rather just avoid them than pretend.