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Ramona Singer

Pet Peeves

Is the Countess the authority on etiquette? Ramona's not so sure.

March 17, 2009

That is why when LuAnn told me she was sending her daughter to boarding school I reacted the way I did - it struck a chord. I thought it was very telling in the scene with LuAnn and her daughter their last afternoon before Victoria was going away. LuAnn asked Victoria if she would miss her, yet we never heard LuAnn say a word about how much she would miss her daughter. LuAnn never mentioned how difficult it would be to no longer have her daughter around. Yes, she did say it would be a good opportunity for Victoria, but why was she not expressing her love for her? Even more telling about her relationships with her children is that she had no idea that their pets died. There was a burial and grave for the hamster with a beautiful wood cross on top, yet LuAnn had no idea?

If you are a woman who wants to be a homemaker fine, if you are a career person fine, you want a man who loves you for you - strong or weak, tall or short, career or no career.

My dating advice is to be yourself. I think it always important in a relationship to be yourself. If you pretend to be someone you are not, it will just catch up to you in the long run. Deceiving others will only backfire on you. You will have wasted a lot of time and time is precious, especially if you want to find that special someone. If you are a woman who wants to be a homemaker fine, if you are a career person fine, you want a man who loves you for you - strong or weak, tall or short, career or no career.

When Kelly asked me if I was friends with Jill and Bobby, it obviously took me a few seconds to answer because at that time we were friends but not good friends, and I do not like to BS. To me a good friend is someone you can count on, ask for advice and you know will be there for you. Jill at that time was not that type of friend to me. We were friendly, social friends. Our relationship has evolved since then and I now proud to say Jill is a GOOD friend. We still have our disagreements from time to time, but there is so much more depth now to our friendship.

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No One Is Perfect
No One Is Perfect The claws come out! Ramona recaps her tiff with the Countess. March 17, 2009220 Comments The Real Housewives of New York City Season 2 / Episode 4 / Ramona Singer



Ramona I like your tell it like it is style. At least you are not a phony like the countess. And yes you should be proud of your accomplishments. Continue to be you. It is the honesty thst is making the show successful.


No, the 'Countess' is NOT the authority on etiquette and neither are you! Etiquette is something one learns from childhood and is raised with every day... it is NOT something that one 'marries' into because she is married to a Count.

Your 'wide-eyed baby browns' are wide for a reason... now open them wider and then shut your mouth. You might learn a whole lot more about etiquette and life... and how to treat those you call friends.

And furthermore, if you're putting yourself out there as an authority on etiquette... don't go around calling your friend(s) an "under-dog". Bethenney is anything But an under-dog. She's got more class in her whole body than either you or the 'Countess' put together.

You both could/should take lessons from Bethenney!

Is Luanne really Native American? Sure don't look like both of here parents are full blooded. & if she is does she have a chairty for them? If not thats a shame. To boast like that & not help your own people.

Love you girls

I think the countess has the nicest demenor of all the actors in the show and the others are not so nice. They go around picking fights and saying mean things. I also think the Van Campens are very nice. Simmon is right Romona was kissing a former playmate at her pool in the Hamptons on live tv. So what is the big deal?

My dear Ramona, you are an exceptionally unpleasant person. I don't think I have ever seen anyone as rude and confrontational as you are. It's like watching an attack dog that doesn't know it is misbehaving. Stop it...please stop it. I can't imagine what you thing you are accomplishing by insulting people at every turn.

you are too much sometimes-most of the time .but especially today's episod was really had complains to everyone .You were really rude.but my suprise is Mario.what happened to him?he is usually nicer than you,and this time he sound just like you. wow i still didn't got over you hyper behaiver. I need time to relax.

Major improvement of who you are as a person is being revealed this season vs. last season. My friends and I had thought the Count was in the 65 to 70 yr. old range and the Countless (oops meant Countess) was in her early 50's. To witness the reaction of LuAnn was priceless. She has become an embarrassment to any person who knows the true meaning of etiquette. I would read her book for entertainment purposes only and will not buy it but see if my library has it in stock. As far as them out whenever you see fit and make sure you have a protective invisible shield to deflect their insane energy that surrounds them. Be careful of your mouth which can be hard, believe me I know, but stay true to yourself. Not everything done or said by you can be condoned but i've never met a "perfect" person. We all have some faults. Enjoying the show...except for Kelly - I know you seem to like her but she really is a bore.

Just wanted to say that I LOVE, LOVE YOU! I think you are so forthright and honest, and I love that about you, no BS with you and that is what most people like. Please do not pretend to be something you are not, and that is not you. I also love Bethany and Jill, they have honesty in common with you, Im not sure if they realize that, but if they watch the showing of your show, they will see that. Im not sure about Simon and Alex, their all about trying to keep-up with the Joneses, but their trying so hard to be someone their not, so sad. I think your a wonderful loving mother to Avery, and Im sure you will always have that close loving relationship with her, as a mother I know the feeling you were talking about when you wish you could freeze time, I have felt that way so many times. Good luck and God Bless you and your family.

As a successful woman you need to use the Engish language more succesfully. You constantly say "Her and " instead of " she and " and it makes you less effective and seem less smart to those who know better.

I am so glad you can call Jill a good friend, I like to show so much better when you get along and it brings out a better side of you when you are getting along with the people around you


I thought you were a smart woman? You would do yourself a big favor by exercising some verbal control and displaying some intregrity and character.

I will never buy your jewelry again because you are so mean to Alex and Simon. I would feel sorry for you for the way others have been mean to you, but you are also mean, to Alex and Simon. You embarrass the Christian religon.


You seem to have edited yourself this season but you are still the rudest least classy person on the show. You are a bull in a china shop and should learn to carry duct tape for your mouth.

Hi Ramona,

You are my favorite on the show. I love your spirit and warmth. Your lively, fun nature really comes across. What also comes across is how much you love your daughter...she is one lucky girl. My best to you!

I agree with you own the comment about LuAnn's venture to write a book about manners. Although, I like LuAnn and the whole cast. Totally addicted!

I love the countess! I think that she is fabulous! So what if she talks with her mouth full! I like the fact that she has a life outside of kids and husband and the day to day grind. It is nice to see someone that has all that and still finds time for her friends and for herself!

dear Ramona,
i find you to be one of the better houswives. I dont always agree with what you say, but the one thing i must agree with is your feelings to Alex and Simon. they are odd, and they most definetley shouldn't wrote a book. they'll probably only sell one copy, and that one will be the one i buy, but ill just buy to draw all over it. please advise them to not write a book and get them to stop.

Ramona, you are my favorite housewife of the NYC cast! The others seem so pretentious, but you seem way down to earth. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't even watch The Real Housewives of NYC. The rest make me yawn!

Thank you,

Ramona when I was watching the break down with you and Luann and she said "My husband is 15 years older than me you think that's old?" I'm like hell yeah did I miss something a 15 year age difference is old HELLO! Oh and I think you are great.

Dear Ramona!
You're my favorite by far. I like everything about you: expecially the way you slammed Luann back with a comment about her husband. You did nothing wrong! You go girl!

P.S: just give Alex and Simon a little break.

Saw you in Miami... you look great ... didnt realize that you are soo petite... wanted to say hello as we all feel that we know you....but we don't LOL and didn't want to intrude on your vacation with friends. Hope you are loving miami... have you been to the Bal Habour Shops ??? its a must...and one store that you would love is LULU's ..on the second floor. Well... keep up on the honesty.. You are the most the fun to watch...

Just read some other blogs. Someone asked if you could manufacture Jewish Stars. "Tru Jew" popped into my head --- Wouldn't this be was sooo funny!!!

I have to say last year I wasn't for sure if I like you, but you are my favorite this year. You seem like a genuine person. I like the fact that you call it like it is. Everyone knows LuAnn's husband looks older. I don't know why she made such a big deal out of it. I have thought that many times. I like what you said about embracing people too, making them feel comfortable. Stay true to who you are.

Ramona, you are all right. I loved the little turquoise beach skirt you wore over your bikini. Where can I find one? Anyone?

I appreciate you as a person now that I've watched this season. Last season I misunderstood your honesty as rudeness. I agree with "telling it like you see it", but you must know that all will not agree and can't handle the truth. I love you, Jill and Bethany.

I got the feeling you bought the shoes because as they say- when the shoe yes, who cares what it costs since you work very hard and do a great job. I noticed too since I have daughters how fast they grow. Avery was such a wonderful young girl last season and now she is coming into her own as a young woman and yes you have every right to be so proud of her. You and your very handsome (and young looking) husband have done a great job and I would not want to ship her off to school either!

It has been a delight to watch your contribution to this season's show, and many of your messages (about making people feel comfortable, and so it goes, are refreshing to hear amid the sometimes cruel banter which these women flail around so lucidly to one another). You are coming across so well and also as a very "real" and caring person. Cheers! And warm wishes, Laurie-Beth

Hi Ramona, I love your quirkiness, and when you accept an invitation to help others you always come through with style and class. I agree with you about count chocula. I think he looks old and Luann is too touchy. Like her kids dont know she married that old guy with 3 previously failed marriages. Love ya.

Hi Ramona, Last year you were my least favorite, but this year you are growing on me. What started the change was when you confronted the COUNTESS about sending her daughter away to boarding school. I LOVE that you want to be with you daughter & that you'd miss her every single day. I don't think Luann is doing it because it's the right thing to do, I think she's doing it because she's stuck up & that's what the elitists do! She's so different this season, all the publicity has obviously gone to her head. She thinks she's really "special" and honestly, she's not all that.
I hope you will keep close with your family. Right on!

Your skin looks wonderful, how often do you go and get it done, as seen on last season, and what is the procedure called I see them putting this glue like stuff then massage with a machine

Did I miss something?
I don't understand why Luanne would get upset that Ramona said her husband was older. Isn't he older? And why such a big deal about saying it "in front of my daughter?"
Does her daughter not realize her dad is older than her mom?
I know a lot of couples where one person is quite a few years older than the other, and it isn't a big deal at all.
I don't get it; maybe someone can explain to me why it was so wrong to say that in front of the daughter.

Ramona is my favorite, she seems to be the most genuine of all. I believe Jill and Luanne have a lot of issues there is something fake about them, and Behanny is a nutcase who turns me off when she speaks. I am no sure of Alexis.

I noticed on one of the episodes you had a shiz-tzu that could be an identical twin of mine. My shix-tzu is 5 years old and his name is Sam Iam Bain. How old is your doggie and what is his/her name? It was absolutely adorable.

Ramona, I have to admit that I did not like you much last season but I am loving you this season. We're finally getting to see something the cameras did not capture last year...the kinder, gentler side to Ramona. I wish the same could be said for Luanne. Last season I thought she was a class act but regretfully I have changed my mind. Just ignore her and stick with the positivity in your life.

Ramona you are the best! You and Mario seem like good, down to earth people, and great parents. Keep it up! And thanks for making me proud to be a lady from NYC! You guys look and behave SOOO much better than the "ladies" of the OC!

ROMONA......YOU ARE AWESOME. I love direct, straight to the point people. You, Jill and Bethany keep it so real. I wish someone would tell "The Countess" this is 2009, the slaves have been freed and all the attitude is not "tasteful or becoming of her" her poor daughter and friends looked like they could DIE while at the luncheon, YUK. It would have been a great luncheon for the retired.


Ramona, I like you on the show! Your comments are always real, no fake stuff! I believe Luanne reacted so emotionally to your comment relating to her husbands age difference with hers, because it struck a cord! She too probably feels he looks much older than her and is embaressed about it! I was very impressed that you handled her wild comments with just apoligies. Luanne's hissy fit in front of her daughter was in poor taste. I too don't care for the Vancampens(Simon and Alex). There does seem to be something very fake about them. No matter how much they may say they are not social climbers, it seems to be the only thing they talk about.

You are my favorite. I love the fact that you are real and stay who you are. I tell it like it is also. Alex and Simon are creepy... I love Jill also. The Countess needs to get a clue and come back down to the REAL EARTH. Continued good health and love.

Ramona, gotta love ya! You speak what you think, you are not a fake person, you tell it as you see it, however, there is a time and place for some.... I too, however, would have spoke up with ol' Simon on "girls" night along with he and Alex acting as if they are inseparable. I have been married 17 years, we own our business as well, but when we need "our" time, we need our time. I believe that is why God made us differently..... I love being with my husband, but I love being with my girlfriends when able as well and would not want a man spoiling it, I too have had that experience, I did not handle it as you did, I just went with the evening and knew better than to attend another outing with the one woman only due to the fact that her husband HAD to be there. I loved you and Avery along with her friends spending time with one another. It does show that you and she have a loving relationship and believe me, it will be your lifelong achievement! I feel for children of wealth where they are raised by a stranger of the family, they tend to abandon the families and live their own separate lives and you can be one to say you and Mario will be a big part of her life! Congrats!! I do agree with Avery just a tad though, I know we all want to stay youthful but we do have to think of our childrens perceptions as well. NO, no sweats, but just tone down a bit when around her friends. She will appreciate it, especially around boys in the event, she decides not to be such a dressy person. The world does take many to revolve.... but again, Kudos!!


While LuAnn may not be the penultimate authority on etiquette, she does know better than to insult someone's husband to their face. Regardless of whehter her husband is twice her age or not, what you said is rude! What if she had said your husband looks GAY, and then follow with, "Oh, I call it like I see it"! You would be furious!

Think BEFORE you speak!!!!!!!!!! Maybe if you didn't speak so fast, you might be able to watch what you say.


Love the fact that you tell it like it is! Please stop apologizing for that.

As for LuAnn, you are so right. She is no authority on etiquette. And, her husband does look TWICE as old as she is.

Keep telling the truth. You're just saying what we all are thinking.


You have heard the expression "Out of the mouth of babes". You have no clue how to speak to people. Do you ever think before you open your mouth. I think not. 80% of the time you should keep your mouth shut, the other 20% give people a laugh (at you).
Seriously, it is nice to speak ones mind but your mind is too stupid.

I think Bravo has a heart and only wants to print the nice emails to you... You are SOOOOO friggin' irritating to watch. You may have Tourette's syndrome or something b/c you seriously can't control what comes out of your mouth. I would never send my child to boarding school, but that is a personal decision, one that you have no business judging. Luann wasn't arguing that YOU should send Avery to boarding school, and yet you reacted like she was questioning your choices. That's like arguing about what kind of religious education you give your child. It's not anyone's business except you and your family's. THINK RAMONA!! Watching you is worse than nails on a chalkboard. It's really maddening to watch you. How blessed you are to have such a loving family and patient friends. Your daughter btw is elegant, intelligent and lovely, so good job with that.


I love your jewelry, but I wanted to know if you would be making other religious pieces like Jewish Stars? Also, would you be making non-demoninational pieces? I think we should all appreciate what we have. I am very fortunate and we live a great life where we can travel, but not everything is extravagent. You should hang on to your children as long as you can. I have four and my older two are at law school and undergrad right now. Once they leave for college, it is never the same again. It's good but different. Keep up the great work.

If I have to watch the Countess one more time, talking with her mouth full of food I'm gonna scream! She thinks of herself as having manners?????

OMG---------I am so sick of seeing everyone's BLOGS with websites advertising books... their Husbands business,friends business, ETC. This is what all the Real Housewife Blogs have become...FREE ADVERTISING for them..their friends and businesses that I am sure are giving them free anything from facials to shoes. And I am sure this wont be posted. But if it sneaks in. Who else here agrees it has gone to far?

hi you are good but could be great with GRACE. we all must learn.

gee i suppose i wont post anymore none ever get posted, and they are all in favor of you...3 or 4 times ive posted on you ladies blogs and they never show...what a waste of my time!!!

Romana, I've yet to figure you out. You may be an only child, because those are the ones who cannot handle types unlike their "ideal". You did start the riff b/t yourself and Alex n' Simon, but give it up! You"d look much better to the public. Also, I do agree with you about Louanne's husband, he IS older and I guess she (in her perfect mind and world) doesn't thin so. Way to call her out!

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