Ramona Singer

Ramona describes her emotional vow renewal ceremony.

on Jun 3, 2010


First I would like to say thanks to all of my fans for your support throughout the season. Without you the show would not be the success it has become. I really enjoyed myself this year even with all the craziness. I have received endless emails with questions on how I maintain my body. I will post my tips on my blog, but the one key was my trainer Gaby from http://infinitybody.com.

The day I renewed my vows with Mario, I felt as though I was getting married for the first time. I could have waited for a milestone anniversary, but I chose now because it felt right. I have been renewing every aspect of my life - my friendships, my career, my looks - why not renew one of the most important aspects of my life - my marriage and my relationship with my husband? In the age of high divorce rates, and complacent, loveless marriages, Mario and I have beaten the odds. We have been happily married for 18 years, which to me is wonderful, but in NYC abnormal.

The Pierre is a very special place and having the vow renewal ceremony there was a dream come true, as I wanted to get married there my first time with Mario.

The day of the ceremony I felt like a bride, but the difference was that I knew 100% Mario is the man for me and we will live happily ever after!!!

When Avery and I looked through the trifold mirror in our suite, she took my breath away. The moment was surreal and tears welled in my eyes. I saw a younger version of myself and it was as if I was seeing her for the first time as the woman she had become. I am so proud of her and the person she has become through the love Mario and I have given her. Walking down the staircase to meet Mario and Avery, I was glowing like a first-time bride. I felt more beautiful that day than the day I got married 18 years ago. I basked in the love I felt coming from all of our friends in the room. When I walked up to Mario I saw such intense love in his eyes it was caressing my entire body. I started to tremble. We each prepared our own personal vows and I was hoping I would not forget them.