Ramona Singer

The reunion special got a bit heated!

on Apr 22, 2008


Besides Alex, you were probably the next most confronted lady at the reunion. What's everyone's problem with you?

At times I feel like I am on "The Mean Girls Show". Its like they all decided to target and pick on me. How bad can I really be if I raised such a special daughter and have a wonderful husband of sixteen years? Remember, there are two sides to every person -- perhaps next season you'll see a new side to me you never knew existed!

We finally got to see you have it out with Jill! Are you satisfied, or is there still more to resolve with her?

Jill is a wonderful person but she always has to be right. She is like a dog who won't give up its bone; no matter what she has to have the last word, and people give in to her and let her have her way just so she will back off.